MCG Excursion


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Some of the facts we’ve learnt on this excursion are:

1. Cricket is an English game.
2. Basketball is renown for their pride and spirit.
3. Rugby league arrived in Australia in 1907.
1. The first Olympic games were held in 776BC in Ancient Greece.
2. The Cricket games needed 11 players to play.
3. The motto Citrus Altius Fortius means Faster Higher Stronger.
1. Australia’s first taekwondo medal was won by Lauren Burns at the 2000 Sydney Summer Olympics
2. Fred Spofforth nicknamed “The Demon Bowler” was the first person to hit 3 wickets in a row (hat-tricks)
3. Kerri Pottharst was the first person to win a medal for Australia in volleyball
My Facts I Learnt From The MCG Excursion Is..
1. Basketball is renown for their pride and sprite.
2. Cricket is an English game.
3. Rugby League arrived in Australia in 1907
1. Cricket is a bat and ball game that has 2 teams of 11 players.
2. Rugby league first arrived at Melbourne in 1907.
3. The first Olympics in Australia was held at the MCG in 1956.

Responsible Citizens


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As part of this inquiry unit, “What’s the Matter?”, you are required to take action to show how you can be a responsible citizen so that you are playing an important part in looking after our planet earth and the environment. What action are you going to take to achieve this? What will you do to reduce the amount of rubbish that we’re adding to the landfills everyday? Save water in some way? Reducing pollution such as air pollution? 

What can you do to save the environment?

NOTE: You may want to do a bit of research before you write a comment.

Healthy Habits


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Welcome to term 3!

This term we will learning about healthy habits so that we can be healthy and stay healthy for the rest of our lives.

What do you do to be healthy? Please leave a comment.


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