Sovereign Hill Camp 2018


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The students all had a great time at Sovereign Hill camp. Here are some of the highlights:

Sovereign Hill was a once in a lifetime experience! When everyone started people were energised and ready for camp but I think at the end people didn’t want to leave because the place is amazing. The first day was very exciting even though we were just wandering around and buying things. We also looked in our cabins and wrote a letter to our parents. The second day was the first day for school. We dressed like the children from the 1850s and pretended to roleplay. The taller you are the high year you are. If you were really short you would be a bub. The third day was the last day of camp. In the morning we had to pack everything because right after school we had to go on the bus. It was last day of school too. We had to pay for our fees for school but we couldn’t actually bring money. So instead we (or our parents) would do something else that could equal to 2 shillings. After school we went the bus and waited until we got back to school. Our parents were waiting for 3 days and 2 nights but were happy to see us back at home.

By Eliza



Being at Sovereign hill was a great experience and it was the best museum I went to. It was the best because we got to see what was happening in the 1850 when the gold rush was on. School was the best at Sovereign Hill because we got to see what it was like and the clothes were great. It was very sad to leave the gold museum.

By Thomas







It was camp and I felt really excited. When we left and went on the bus with Mrs Lee’s class I felt homesick. When we were halfway to Sovereign Hill I got really bored so I fell asleep. When we arrived I  felt

 so happy but we had to carry other student’s bags. They were so heavy!

Then we ate our snack  and there were so many bees I got so scared. Then we went to explore Sovereign Hill. I felt so excited because I got to spend money.

When we finished we went back to our cabins and got ready to eat. I was so happy to finally eat because I was really hungry. Then we went to watch the light and sound show called Blood on the Southern Cross. I was so scared because there was a lot of loud noises. The two other days were really cool because we got to dress up like the 1850s children 

and go to school. Camp was fun and it was sad that we had to leave.


From Caitlyn  


The best thing about camp was panning for gold because it was a cool experience.I got to learn more about panning. by Dylan





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