Gold Rush game


Posted by Mr Hoang | Posted in Gold | Posted on April 15, 2016

Click on the picture below to start the game.

Did you find any gold? How rich are you now? Let me know in the comment section.


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999.19 shillings but i got robbed

I reached 286 pounds and 8 shillings because I was robbed around at 900 D:

Dear Mr H

I got 999.19 pounds altogether.

From Nick

I have 999 pounds and 19 shillings.

I got 749 pounds.

Dear Mr H,

I have 999.19 pounds! 😀


Dear Mr Hoang,
In the game, I have 999 pounds and 19 shillings and I found a lot of gold but one time when I went digging, I got a screen that said something like it was raining so I lost all my money and had to start again with 20 pounds.

I found quite a lot of gold, in fact, all the way up to the limit. So far, I have 999 pounds and 19 shillings, the maximum amount of money.

Dear Mr Hoang,
In the game, I got 999 pounds and 19 shillings. I got robbed twice and had to start again.
From: Amy

I reached the maximum.999 pounds and 19 shillings one shilling under 1000 pounds.It was a fun game.I got robbed twice but then I hit the mother load.It was worth 500 pounds.It was a interesting and very informative game.

Dear Mr. Hoang,
I have found some gold, I have only found 371 pounds and 12 shillings, I recently found out that the maximum is 999 pounds and 19 shillings.


I have got max(999 pounds and 19 shillings)
I think I’m going to use it to go back home(that’s unless I want to be more rich)

995 pounds 12 shillings

I got the most amount of money you could get in the game! yay

$978 12s

Dear Mr Hoang,

I have 371 pounds:).


I got the highest amount of money you can get! 999 pounds and 19 shillings.

I got 999 19.

The game is very frustrating but still can be quite enjoyable. The amount of money I have know is 716 pounds, even though I’ve been robbed more than 9 times.

I found lots of gold and i got 999pounds 19s

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