Do you have a migration story?


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Please share your story of how you came to Australia. It can also be about how your parents, grandparents or even great grandparents got here to this wonderful country that we call home. boatThis is my story

Because of the war that was happening in Vietnam in 1975, it led my family to escape my country in 1982 when I was only 7 years old. My grandfather had built a boat just like this one in the picture. We left at night when it was not so obvious to the police and if we were caught, our excuse was that we were going fishing. We manage to leave the coast of Vietnam but had no idea of where we were going. For three days, we were drifting on the sea waiting for the wind to pick up the sails. Our boat had 28 people all crammed underneath just like the picture below. We were really sea sick and everyone vomited. We were on  the sea for 10 days and during that time, we came across a pirate ship. They didn’t rob us like they usually do and even gave us some water. Soon after we came across a huge navy ship. They rescued us just in time as we were losing hope and running out of water and food. We had lived on rice and garlic for 10 days. The big ship took us to Malaysia and we went to the refugee camp in Bi Dong.



From there we were interviewed by people who worked for the government from different countries. Everyone wanted to go to America but you had to wait for a long time. If you wanted to go to Australia, you would be accepted straight away. So my family decided to go to Australia because life in the refugee camps were harsh and we didn’t want to wait to go to America. Soon after the Australian government granted us permanent residence and put us on a plane to fly to Australia.

I’m so glad that we have chosen to come to Australia because it really is a lucky country and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world!

By Mr Hoang

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