Literature unit- Anh Do’s The Little Refugee


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Why do people need to flee their country?

How might they be feeling?

What do they take with them?

Below are word clouds of our students’ thinking. This is based on a Y chart of what they could Hear, Feel and See:

What are your thoughts?

Sovereign Hill Camp 2018


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The students all had a great time at Sovereign Hill camp. Here are some of the highlights:

Sovereign Hill was a once in a lifetime experience! When everyone started people were energised and ready for camp but I think at the end people didn’t want to leave because the place is amazing. The first day was very exciting even though we were just wandering around and buying things. We also looked in our cabins and wrote a letter to our parents. The second day was the first day for school. We dressed like the children from the 1850s and pretended to roleplay. The taller you are the high year you are. If you were really short you would be a bub. The third day was the last day of camp. In the morning we had to pack everything because right after school we had to go on the bus. It was last day of school too. We had to pay for our fees for school but we couldn’t actually bring money. So instead we (or our parents) would do something else that could equal to 2 shillings. After school we went the bus and waited until we got back to school. Our parents were waiting for 3 days and 2 nights but were happy to see us back at home.

By Eliza



Being at Sovereign hill was a great experience and it was the best museum I went to. It was the best because we got to see what was happening in the 1850 when the gold rush was on. School was the best at Sovereign Hill because we got to see what it was like and the clothes were great. It was very sad to leave the gold museum.

By Thomas







It was camp and I felt really excited. When we left and went on the bus with Mrs Lee’s class I felt homesick. When we were halfway to Sovereign Hill I got really bored so I fell asleep. When we arrived I  felt

 so happy but we had to carry other student’s bags. They were so heavy!

Then we ate our snack  and there were so many bees I got so scared. Then we went to explore Sovereign Hill. I felt so excited because I got to spend money.

When we finished we went back to our cabins and got ready to eat. I was so happy to finally eat because I was really hungry. Then we went to watch the light and sound show called Blood on the Southern Cross. I was so scared because there was a lot of loud noises. The two other days were really cool because we got to dress up like the 1850s children 

and go to school. Camp was fun and it was sad that we had to leave.


From Caitlyn  


The best thing about camp was panning for gold because it was a cool experience.I got to learn more about panning. by Dylan





80th Anniversary of our School


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On Friday 16th March we went to the Puffing Billy train with our whole school.

What was your favourite part of the excursion?

Phillip Island Camp 2017


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Healsville Sanctuary


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Healsville Sanctuary reflection – Ai_My Nguyen-1k3oqi1

Healsville Sanctuary reflection – Ai_My Nguyen-1k3oqi1

5/6 H and 5/6M Assembly


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On Friday 21st April our class and 5/6M presented our assembly to the school. We did a news report on the Ressurection story of when Jesus came back to life. Below is a video showing a reporter for Jerusalem Times interviewing 3 witnesses that saw Jesus coming back to life.

We also did a play about the Ressurection of Jesus

Natural Disasters


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Our Wow activity for this term’s topic was an incursion with Lydia from Monash University. She taught us the difference between a hazard and a disaster. We also tried out some experiments. Here are some of our recounts:

Ai My

Today I learnt about volcanoes and earthquakes. I also learnt about plates and that the line between two plates is called a fault line. The mantle is like ooblek which is solid when you put pressure on it but when you don’t put pressure on the ooblek, it turns into liquid again. I also learnt that cold air goes down and hot air goes up. Its called convection. I enjoyed the activities we did and found everything very interesting. The thing that interested me most was that it was mainly earthquakes that cause tsunamis and that animals can sense when a tsunami is about to hit. Only countries on the fault line have earthquakes and volcanoes which is lucky for us in Australia because we are in the center of a plate.


At 2:30 pm we went down stairs into the learning neighbour-hood,it was all about natural disasters.We met Lydia in the room where some of the experiments were held at. The first activity was the milk experience, it had some food dye (red,blue,green and yellow and light green) and we were supposed to only do 2 drops per colour, Lydia also said not to move the table.Once we did that the colours spread out like a star, the purpose of that was to explain how the earth’s mantle moved about. The next activity was to find out how this flourish substance worked, Lydia said to rest your hand in the bowl and let your fingertips sink into the substance, it was like quicksand.After that i yanked the substance and it was pretty hard but i put my force into bringing it out.Then i had to squeeze the substance and release it,then i punched the dough 3 times before putting it back. The last activity was about volcanoes erupting, we used the basic requirements, vinegar, baking soda and a small container in a shape of a bottle, we were told to put two spoons of baking soda in some tissue and wrap it.Then put the vinegar into the bottle and when Lydia said to put it in, we instantly put the tissue with the baking soda in and then close the lid.We heard banging noises as they all popped up one by one,besides from our one.Lydia had to shake it so it could go bang!. We learnt about convection as it travels in the earth, only in particular convection cells, magma travels in the air and cools down and it repeats over and over again. I had really enjoyed the natural disasters lesson with Lydia, she explained the process of some of the natural disasters. And I also enjoyed the activities, my most favourite activity was the flour dough.


On Tuesday the 28th a person named Lydia came to our school from Monash University. She talked to us about natural disasters and how they occurred. Lydia’s favourite natural disasters were earthquakes and volcanoes. We mainly focused on earthquakes and volcanoes. We learnt that volcanoes are made from magma in the mantle which is further down from the crust. Our class split into five groups and five people were in each group and the people who were in my group were Mina,Bianca,Michelle, Angelina and me. We did an experiment that involved food colouring,detergent and milk which was supposed to make them separate or break apart like from an earthquake and that’s how scientists thought that country’s separated. After that Lydia told us about the plates on the crust and the fault plates and that country’s on the fault plates have a high risk of tsunami’s or earthquakes. We did another experiment and this one was about oobleck you were meant to hold it in your hand hard. It would resist and fight back and then stop and open your hand and it would be liquid and if you tried punching it,it would be solid. This is how scientist thought the mantle was like. It would be solid if something was on it and turn liquid if nothing was on it. Our last experiment was something related on volcanoes we did this with our group. We used baking soda,vinegar that looks like pink food colouring and a container. One person puts two teaspoons of baking soda on a piece of tissue paper another puts vinegar in the container then we have to call Lydia and wait for the others to finish. Once everyone is finished we wait until Lydia counts to three then we drop the tissue full of baking soda into the container and close the lid and step back and then we wait until it makes a bang and then the lid falls off and all of the stuff inside slowly bubbles up and falls into the bowl. Lydia grabs the container and then we all sit down on the floor and Lydia said if we enjoyed it and talked some more about other stuff then Andy gave Lydia a present and Lydia said thank you. We all left except for five people who were helping out Lydia. I enjoyed everything about this incursion because it was so interesting.


Today a woman named Lydia from Monash University came to our school, she told us about natural disasters and then we did three activities.The first one was with food dye and a plate with milk on it, we had to put two drops of every different colored food dye on the milk and then put two drops of detergent and the colors spread out into a star shape.The second activity was with oobleck, we had to rest our hand in it and when our hand has touched the bottom of the oobleck we had to pull our hand out but it was hard because when you put force on the oobleck it will go as hard as a rock, but if you rest your hand on it it will be like water.The second thing we did with the oobleck was we picked it up the and squeezed it to see how hard or firm it was. Then we let it go to see how moist it had become. The final thing we did with the oobleck was punch it to see if it would splash back like water which it didn’t. The last activity was when we put bicarb soda in a tissue and then folded the tissue into a bag and left the tissue with the bicarb in it on the table to use later on, then we got a cup of red vinegar and poured it into a container then when Lydia said so we put the bicarb soda in the vinegar, closed the lid and shook it and the lid popped off and my lid was the first lid to pop off.  

MCG Excursion


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Some of the facts we’ve learnt on this excursion are:

1. Cricket is an English game.
2. Basketball is renown for their pride and spirit.
3. Rugby league arrived in Australia in 1907.
1. The first Olympic games were held in 776BC in Ancient Greece.
2. The Cricket games needed 11 players to play.
3. The motto Citrus Altius Fortius means Faster Higher Stronger.
1. Australia’s first taekwondo medal was won by Lauren Burns at the 2000 Sydney Summer Olympics
2. Fred Spofforth nicknamed “The Demon Bowler” was the first person to hit 3 wickets in a row (hat-tricks)
3. Kerri Pottharst was the first person to win a medal for Australia in volleyball
My Facts I Learnt From The MCG Excursion Is..
1. Basketball is renown for their pride and sprite.
2. Cricket is an English game.
3. Rugby League arrived in Australia in 1907
1. Cricket is a bat and ball game that has 2 teams of 11 players.
2. Rugby league first arrived at Melbourne in 1907.
3. The first Olympics in Australia was held at the MCG in 1956.

Our Religion project


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Chrystalanthony glog

Persuasive Writing


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City or Country?

Where would you like to live?

What are the reasons why?

Follow the link below to start your plan:

Persuasion Map

persuasion map


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